“Ercell worked with me and my daughter to find the right condo under extreme circumtances. Her school semester started two days before closings she was able to move in right away. She is wonderful!”

- Susan and Karen

Instrumental in locating properties

“Chazz was instrumental in locating several properties that met my detailed criteria. He is great!!”

- Joe Smith

Excellent negotiator

“The one thing I really appreciated about Danica is she is an excellent negotiator. She got me more money then I thought I would get under the circumstances. She stayed calm and focused under a very difficult situation.”

- Aaron Joshua

Made my experience pleasant

“Danica helped me every step of my home buying process. First time home buying can be scary. Danica made my experience pleasant as well as informative.”

- Anthony Morris

Very sincere and genuine

“The qualities that stood out the most about working with Danica, was that she was very sincere and genuine and really cares about her clients. She works for her clients straight from her heart, and enjoys every aspect of the process. She surprised me with the basket of goodies after my home sold, and even more gifts on my purchase at Santa Anita I never expected anything from my Agent and it was a great."

- Diana Pascarealla